• The only certification for mainframe technicians
  • Independent of hardware and software companies
  • Based on practical work experience, skills and capabilities
  • Thorough exams, written and peer-reviewed by industry experts

Why is the MTP important to individuals?

The Mainframe Technology Professional ( MTP) programme gives ICT professionals working in the IBM mainframe environment the opportunity to:

Gain qualifications that prove your expertise

Gaining an MTP qualification ensures that your skills and capabilities are recognised by your current employer. Employees that achieve or surpass an external skills benchmark demonstrate their professionalism and career development aspirations.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

By offering a structured modular approach, MTP gives you the power to highlight your strengths, with exams in those areas and particular disciplines. It also highlights areas where training can be offered.

Plan structured career paths

The MTP programme offers a structured route of certification that grows with your mainframe career. It offers an introductory range of qualifications for the whole industry, leading to more advanced qualifications as your skills, experience and capabilities develop. At the higher levels, these qualifications are available in specialisms, allowing you to demonstrate your particular skills. For example Security Administration, z/OS Systems Programming, Data Storage or CICS COBOL programming, to mention but a few.

Choose your specialism

In many of the MTP exams there are a number of optional or alternative units, enabling you to closely match your qualifications to the actual systems and software you use. Additional units can be taken to achieve a distinction at each exam, demonstrating your advanced expertise and capabilities.

Differentiate yourself in the workplace

As employers become more demanding, the MTP offers a way to externally quantify and verify your skills, experience and capabilities. With evidence of your abilities, you can always be confident that you will stand out from the crowd.

The MTP also enables you to demonstrate drive and ambition to your employers, showing them that you are determined to prove your skills and progress your career.

Why is the MTP important to employers?

The MTP programme demonstrates to internal and external customers the professionalism of data centres and its personnel. It also gives organisations a number of other vital benefits:

Increase competitive advantage for contracts and tenders

The MTP enables organisations to prove to external customers that their mainframe personnel (working on business-critical systems) have the required skills and expertise.

This is especially important for companies competing in tenders who can prove unequivocally that their technicians are certified to a specific level of MTP, verifying their skills and reassuring customers.

Assess, measure and benchmark skills

The MTP provides an internationally recognised benchmark standard to objectively assess and measure technical mainframerelated skills and the progress of employees. This is invaluable for the recruitment of permanent and contract staff, as well as promotion of existing employees.

Improve resource management

Through MTP the assessment of current skill sets and potential skills gaps is straightforward. This enables the skills and capabilities of your employees to be maximised making resource management quicker, simpler and more effective.

Ensure effective recruitment

The MTP exams provide independent and credible verification of skills and capabilities in a practical way, enabling swifter recruitment and improving objectivity.

Enhance employee development

Investing in employees with appropriate qualifications ensures that your staff feel valued. Individual's strengths and potential areas for development can be identified. These are vital if employee loyalty is important to you.

Retain independence and credibility

Unlike many IT certification programmes, the MTP is independent of any software or hardware vendors, ensuring impartiality and objectivity in assessment and guaranteeing credibility in the exam results. It is run under the governance of Guide Share Europe, UK Region (GSE).

GUIDE SHARE EUROPE (GSE) is an international non-profit association of companies, organisations and individuals involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions based on IBM architectures. Formed by the merger of G.U.I.D.E and SHARE Europe - both well established user groups with over 35 years of experience.